It’s yachting, not cruising!

It’s yachting, not cruising!

If you’re looking for a truly unique and luxurious travel experience, the SeaDream 1 yacht might just
be the perfect fit. Our Portfolio Manager Julie-Anne Vaughan recently boarded this lavish vessel for a
stunning journey through the Caribbean, where she enjoyed a selection of breath taking and
renowned ports, from the pristine beaches of Saint Vincent & The Grenadines to the majestic Pitons
of Saint Lucia. Her time on the SeaDream 1 was nothing short of incredible, and we’re going to tell
you exactly why.

First, let’s talk about the yacht herself. With a maximum of 156 passengers and 95 crew members,
the SeaDream I offers an extraordinarily personalised voyage that you won’t get with larger cruise
ships. The 56 contemporary staterooms are all ocean view and built for you to relax in elegance and
comfort, while being pampered and looked after with the utmost care. This bespoke service was
highlighted when Julie-Anne was given a gift of custom-made Pyjamas upon arrival, before receiving
other branded amenities throughout the duration of her trip, bringing an extra indulgent touch to
her time onboard.

A typical day began with a delicious alfresco breakfast. While both a menu selection and buffet
option were available, Julie-Anne’s ‘go to’ was poached eggs and smashed avocado with sourdough
and fresh chilies. Following this, the SeaDream I reignited Julie-Anne’s love for water sports, as she
engaged in jet skiing, paddle boarding, and tubing before taking on the yacht’s large blow-up slide.
What’s more, guests can avail of all motorised and non-motorised water sports free of charge as they
are included in your fare. The afernoon was spent exploring some of the Caribbean’s most
spectacular spots, including a cycling tour, a walk around the Grenada spice market, as well as a BBQ
on Union Island which was a truly unforgetable aspect of the trip. The yacht’s staff worked tirelessly
to transport food, supplies, and beverages from ship to shore, to provide guests with a delectable
lunch time BBQ with champagne, caviar and a plethora of fresh seafood options, before enjoying
music from a steel band.

From there it was back onboard for a pre-dinner cocktail at the ‘Top of the Yacht Bar’ before an
evening at leisure, designed just how you like it. Whether that be refining your swing in the
Clubhouse with the world-class golf simulator available, watching a movie under the starts (Top Gun
Maverick was a hit), or absorbing the range of low-key entertainment options onboard. The night is
rounded off perfectly with the opportunity to sleep under the stars with an onboard ‘glamping’
experience, with champagne, snacks, and a comfortable space for you to relax and get a night of
restful sleep under the sea air.

The SeaDream 1 provides a truly luxurious and personalised yachting experience that is perfect for
travellers seeking something different from traditional cruises. In addition to stunning destinations
and superb activity, what really sets SeaDream apart is the attention and devotion of the staff
onboard, who create a truly unmatched level of hospitality. Or as Julie-Anne put it, “Kind, funny and
down-to-earth. The crew made the trip special and brought the experience to a whole new level.”
So, whether it’s treating yourself to a spa treatment, indulging in world class cuisine, or exploring
impeccable untouched landscapes, the ultimate experience at sea awaits. And remember…it’s
yachting not cruising.