North America

For those who have only skied in Europe, a trip to across the pond may be just what you need, as North America promises to be an exciting surprise. The superb skiing and spectacular scenery, combined with quality service, fabulous facilities, spacious pistes, and outstanding lift systems will make this winter vacation unforgettable.


From the array of  top tier ski resort towns in North America – the alpha is Telluride. First-time visitors marvel at the seemingly vertical canyon walls rising on three sides next to town and embrace the variety  restaurants, shops and bars. Beginners will love the gentle greens beneath Mountain Village and across the gentle contours below the Sunshine chair. Blue terrain for intermediates is wonderfully varied, with long, rolling runs through the glades, to more vibrant, jumpy trails from the Palmyra lift. Experts have it all, with some lovely double blacks, winding chutes and steep glades to play in.

The convenience, charm and raw skiing credentials of this place make it unique in North America, and a place that should be at the top of any skier’s list.